We offer a wide range of AVANT loaders and attachments for hire. If you are unsure which AVANT loader or attachment is right for you to hire, visit our CONTACTS page and our team will recommend the best AVANT loader and attachment for you.

We always make sure our machines are in good condition, clean and well serviced after every single use.

Whether you want to hire for a day or a month – one machine or ten, TVE Hire & Sales can fulfil your requirements.

What is hiring an AVANT loader or attachment ideal for?
General use (such as need for a bucket, fork, washer, attachment rotator)
Property Maintenance
Farming and Horse Stables

What are the advantages of hiring an AVANT loader or attachment?
The great thing about hiring an AVANT loader and an attachment is you can keep your cost to a minimum and not have worry about storage, maintenance or depreciation.

How do I hire an AVANT loader or AVANT attachment?
Simply call or visit our CONTACTS page so we can discuss your requirements today.